Our Staff Team


Acting Head Teacher: Mrs Scott


Acting Principal Teacher: Miss Sutherland


Early Learning and Childcare Centre (ELCC) Staff:

Senior Practitioner: Mrs Ainscough


Lead Practitioner: Mrs Higgins



Mrs Alexander


Mrs Grant


Mrs McWhinnie


Mrs Valdor


Teaching Staff:

P1/2 Teachers:

Miss Sutherland


Mrs Masson


P2/3 Teacher: Miss Gardiner



P3/4 Teacher: Mrs Simpson


P4/5 Teachers: Mrs Coxon and Miss Campbell


P5/6 Teachers: Mrs Hutchison


P6/7 Teacher: Mrs Parley


McCrone Teachers:

Mr Burton


Miss Hamilton


Additional Support for Learning (ASL) Teacher: Miss Campbell


Pupil Support Assistants (PSAs):

Mrs Blair


Mrs Cowie


Mrs Hutton





Mrs James



Mrs Milne



Mrs Noble





School Administrator: Mrs Deeming (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)


Clerical Assistant: Mrs Youngman (Tuesday and Thursday)


Janitor: Mrs Taylor


Catering Staff: Miss Anderson, Mrs Emslie, and Mrs Paterson


Cleaners: Mrs Burnett and Mrs Yule