School Uniform


Branded school uniform items can be obtained from Buchan Embroidery in Peterhead. You can visit their website or shop online for these items:

It is not essential for your child to wear branded uniform items to school.




Please consider the changeable nature of weather conditions and provide your child with appropriate outerwear and footwear to suit.

On days when your child(ren)’s class have PE or will be participating in outdoor activities, such as gardening, it is particularly important to ensure your child wears suitable outerwear and footwear.

Physical Education (PE)

Please bear in mind that plain, unbranded items of PE clothing are most suitable. Football strips are not permitted.

No jewellery is permitted to be worn in school and earrings should be removed. If earrings are unable to be removed, parents should provide surgical tape or plasters to be placed over them.

Parents should note it is their responsibility to ensure all clothing and belongings brought to school are named or marked in some way, as it is can be difficult for children to distinguish their own clothing from that of others.


Download our school uniform guidance leaflet here